Code 4746
Sanction AEP
Secteur Entretien d'équipement motorisé (10)
Nombre d'unités43
Durée totale645 heures
Organismes scolaires offrant le programme
Ce programme est offert en langue française : 
4246 - Mécanique de véhicules électriques
  • Objectifs et professions visées
  • Conditions d'admission
  • Contenu du programme

Objectifs du programme

The main duties of electric vehicle mechanics, whether they work on electric or hybrid vehicles, is to maintain and repair the electrical and electromechanical systems of these vehicles.

Fonction de travail

Electric Vehicle Mechanic

Conditions d'admission

To be eligible for admission to the Electric Vehicle Mechanics program, candidates must meet one of the following requirements:
1. Have obtained a Diploma of Vocational Studies (DVS) or its equivalent in Automobile Mechanics;
or Practise an occupation related to this program of study;
or Have been granted recognition of equivalent learning.

Contenu du programme

Code Énoncé de la compétence  Heures Unités
STC 746-011 Determine their suitability for the trade and training process 15 1
STC 746-021 Prevent health, safety and environmental hazards 15 1
STC 746-033 Research technical information 45 3
STC 746-044 Inspect electrical circuits 60 4
STC 746-053 Inspect computerized system circuits 45 3
STC 746-066 Repair network communication systems 90 6
STC 746-074 Repair powertrain systems 60 4
STC 746-083 Repair regenerative braking systems 45 3
STC 746-095 Repair high-voltage and charging systems 75 5
STC 746-103 Repair thermal management systems 45 3
STC 746-114 Repair control systems 60 4
STC 746-126 Resolve problems related to the interconnectedness of systems 90 6
645 43