NameCSS au Coeur-des-Vallées
RegionOutaouais (07)
Address582, boulevard MacLaren Est
Gatineau (Québec)
J8L 2W2
Telephone(800) 958-9966 poste 4000
Fax(819) 986-6983
E-mail[email protected]
Programs and training offered
  • Specific information
  • Vocational training centres
  • Regional Specifics

Specific information

Notre établissement est une institution publique dont le mandat, entre autres, est d’organiser des services éducatifs en formation professionnelle.

Nous vous invitons à prendre connaissance des programmes offerts dans nos différents centres de formation professionnelle. Dans la page de description du programme, il vous sera possible de faire votre demande d’admission en ligne.

Vocational training centres

CFP innovation Outaouais (Pavillon Papineauville)
378-B, rue Papineau
Papineauville (Québec)
J0V 1R0
1-800-958-9966 poste 4000#
(819) 986-6983
CFP innovation Outaouais (Pavillon Gatineau)
584, rue MacLaren Est
Gatineau (Québec)
J8L 2W2
1-800-958-9966 poste 4000#
(819) 986-6983
FP Outaouais – Formation continue
69, rue Marengère
Gatineau (Québec)
J8T 3T7
819 643-4285
819 561-0212

Regional Specifics

Outaouais (07)

DVS/AVS programs

Two (2) applications are permitted for the participating educational organizations in this region. Only the application designated as the first priority will be processed. A verdict of "not-admitted" or "waiting list" will automatically activate the application designated as priority 2. Only one application can receive an admitted verdict.

For candidates born outside Québec, proof of residence in Québec will be required or student fees will apply.

You may modify or delete your application, change the order of priority or modify your personal information at any time by accessing your dossier online.

STC program, Non-Official Courses & Student for a Day

Three (3) applications are permitted for the participating educational organizations in this region. Applications will be processed at the educational establishment. The processing of these applications are independent from the applications submitted for a DVS/AVS program. It is not possible to indicate the desired order of priority. Only one application per region can receive an admitted verdict.

See the regional specifics for each region
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