Health, Assistance and Nursing

Code : 5825Sector: Health Services (19)Diploma: DVSMore info
Group: 1 / 4
Status Places available
Max. places22
Application deadlineAugust 18th, 2023
Cost (including material)$790.00 approx.
Other specifics
Selection test
Financial assistance
StartAug. 30th, 2023
End dateDec. 31st, 2024
Schedule8:00 to 4:00
Hours per week35 - 40 (School/Stage)
Seasonal break2 weeks of construction holidays
Marie-Josée Vaillancourt
 819-563-5627, ext. 45201
For an application, consult the additional information above, or contact the resource person at 819-563-5627, ext. 45201