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About Us...

SRAFP is becoming AdmissionFP

Your digital platform to manage vocational training applications has a new visual identity. AdmissionFP is the new promotional tool to highlight vocational training in Québec.

Your Career Awaits
Several promotional campaigns will be launched. AdmissionFP is a springboard for highlighting skilled trades in Québec.

We are here to help!

Join the movement and promote vocational training and skilled trades!

Step 1

Update the new AdmissionFP logo on your pages advertising your vocational training programs.

Step 2

Use the AdmissionFP visuals to promote your programs within your networks.

Step 3

The InforouteFPT team is here to help you integrate the new AdmissionFP logo on your pages featuring vocational training programs.

Write to us at: [email protected].

Media & logo

It is time for a new logo!
Update your web pages featuring your vocational training programs.