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DVS - Diploma of Vocational Studies

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Aesthetics ES201110 D Nov. 10th, 2020
ES210112 D Jan. 12th, 2021
ES210504 D May 4th, 2021
ES200819 D Aug. 19th, 2020
Hairdressing HD200901 D Sept. 1st, 2020
HD201117 D Nov. 17th, 2020
HD210119 D Jan. 19th, 2021
HD210510 D May 10th, 2021

AVS - Attestation of Vocational Specialty

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Hair Removal HR200702 D July 2nd, 2020
HR201023 D Oct. 23rd, 2020
HR210217 D Feb. 17th, 2021
HR210614 D June 14th, 2021