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DVS - Diploma of Vocational Studies

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Automated Systems Electromechanics EM4-J24 Places available Day Jan. 23rd, 2024
Cabinetmaking CM2-J24 Places available Day Jan. 16th, 2024
CMN2-F24 Places available Eve. Feb. 7th, 2024
Computer Graphics CG4-J24 Places available Day Jan. 23rd, 2024
CGN1-J24 Places available Eve. Jan. 23rd, 2024
Furniture Finishing FFN1-D23 Places available Eve. Dec. 18th, 2023
FF1-F24 Places available Day Feb. 15th, 2024
Industrial Drafting ID2-J24 Places available Day Jan. 23rd, 2024
Machining MT2-F24 Places available Day Feb. 7th, 2024
Printing PR2-F24 Places available Day Feb. 7th, 2024

AVS - Attestation of Vocational Specialty

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Numerical Control Machine Tool Operation CN1-22 Places available Eve. To be determined

STC - Skills Training Certificate

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Carpentry: Skills Training Certificate CP1-J24 Admission by waiting list Day Jan. 31st, 2024