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DVS - Diploma of Vocational Studies

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Accounting J1120 D Oct. 5th, 2020
B1121E E Feb. 17th, 2021
B1120E E Feb. 17th, 2020
C1120 D Mar. 16th, 2020
H1120 D Aug. 27th, 2020
I1120E E Sept. 8th, 2020
Computer Graphics J8120 D Oct. 15th, 2020
I8120 D Sept. 8th, 2020
I8120E E Sept. 8th, 2020
Institutional and Home Care Assistance A6121 D Jan. 27th, 2021
E6121E E May 5th, 2021
I6120 D Sept. 9th, 2020
I6120E E Sept. 30th, 2020
J6120 D Oct. 28th, 2020
Pharmacy Technical Assistance I5120 D Sept. 21st, 2020
Secretarial Studies A2121 D Jan. 19th, 2021
H2120 D Aug. 27th, 2020

AVS - Attestation of Vocational Specialty

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Starting a Business I4120E E Sept. 30th, 2020

STC - Skills Training Certificate

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Support for Assistive Care in Long-Term Care Centres F4748-1 D/E June 15th, 2020