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DVS - Diploma of Vocational Studies

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Accounting B1124E Places available Eve. Feb. 20th, 2024
C1124 Places available Day Mar. 19th, 2024
Institutional and Home Care Assistance C6124E Places available Eve. Mar. 14th, 2024
D6124 Places available Day Apr. 25th, 2024
Pharmacy Technical Assistance J5124 Admission by waiting list Day Oct. 28th, 2024
Secretarial Studies A2124 Course full Day Jan. 24th, 2024

STC - Skills Training Certificate

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Assistance for Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Seniors in Private Retirement Homes D7124E Places available Eve. Apr. 26th, 2024
School Daycare Educator SDG3124 Places available Day Apr. 8th, 2024
Support for Assistive Services in Health and Social Services Institutions C4770 Course full Day Mar. 13th, 2024
C4770E Course full Eve. Mar. 13th, 2024