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DVS - Diploma of Vocational Studies

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Carpentry C195a D To be determined
INSC_CARP D To be determined
C202a D Nov. 9th, 2020
C204a D Apr. 19th, 2021
Commercial and Residential Painting P202m D Jan. 11th, 2021
INSC_PAIN D To be determined
P201m D Aug. 24th, 2020
Plumbing and Heating INSC_PLUM D To be determined
PC202a D To be determined
Preparing and Finishing Concrete INSC_CONC D To be determined
B201m D Aug. 24th, 2020
Welding and Fitting INSC_WELD D To be determined
S201m D Aug. 26th, 2020

AVS - Attestation of Vocational Specialty

Program Group Status D/E Start date
High-Pressure Welding INSC_HPRW E To be determined
HP201m E Feb. 1st, 2021

Non-Official Courses

Program Group Status D/E Start date
Health and Safety on Construction Sites ASP192a E To be determined